Multimedia clearly depicts the use of computers to present text, graphics, video, animation, and sound in an integrated way.

CREATIONET can provide your organization with a wide variety of multimedia solutions as stated below:

CDROM Catalogue / CD Presentation / CBT(Computer Based Training Modules)/E-cards

CDROM catalogue mainly developed for company who has a good number of products or services.

CDROM Presentation includes the following in the presentation and can be distributed to any number of clients very easily after duplication. This includes Company or/and product or services Presentation on CDROM or training modules for demonstration purpose in the form of Computer Based Training Module (CBT).

E-cards can also be a helpful aid in promoting your company by incorporating your company profile and product information into Business Card shaped CD's. These business card CD’s will showcase your company in action through a CD based multimedia presentation OR your Website, Color Catalogue, Employee Handbook etc.

These are very useful in:

Profiling an Individual New Product Launches & Event Marketing
Profiling a Corporation Grand Openings
Linking to a Website Sales Presentations
Direct Mail Campaigns Promotions
Trainning of Organisation Staffs
Can be used in unlimited ways to make the defining difference
Features of Model CD-ROM
A user-friendly interface with vibrant graphic design
Auto start feature
Fair number of pages with text or graphics (screenshots, slides, diagrams) Audio narration
Buttons with subtle sound effects
Short, dynamic intro with animation, video or both
The process of this project is as follows:
Concept & Planning
Design, Prototype & Specification
Acceptance on Final CD
Final Acceptance on Reproduction
FDelivery of Master CD