chat service

Visitor Chatting

Multiple Ques with Multi-Queue / Multi Site Cross Transfer (Transfer a chat from one ques , cross site to another que),Conference Chatting , Supervisor Coaching,Chat Throttle Controls,After Hours Email Support and more !)

Realtime Co-Browse option and page navigation details :

As an operator you can view the exact page as the visitor sees it. Operators can also view session footprints of all pages visited during the session.

Operator Controls , Surveys and Canned Responses:

Our Chat Service is full of Operator convenience controls, such as Canned Responses and fully Customizable Pre-Chat and offline surveys.

Administative Report:

Real Time reports from the operator interface , see chat details history,Chat summaries per operator, website activity and website keyword and Referral Reports.

Geo Location and Microsoft Virtual Earth:

Our Chat Service supports Geo Location with the new Microsoft Virtual earth ! See who your Visitors are and where they are located.

Visitor Chat Window :

Our Chat Service gives you full control of your visitor chat window. The chat window is completely customizable giving it the full look and feel of your website and brand.